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Jonathon Tichy

Jonathon Tichy has been described by one client as “an uncanny problem-solver...with an international flair.” With a unique savvy for advising the management teams of closely-held companies engaged in both interstate and international business, Mr. Tichy has a distinct talent for understanding and resolving complex legal and regulatory compliance issues that cutting-edge companies face in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Mr. Tichy’s clients include industry leaders in construction, consumer products design and manufacturing, oilfield services and support, specialty transportation, industrial equipment manufacturing, electrical engineering and control systems, and information technologies, that come to him from throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. Several non-profit organizations, schools, churches and religious organizations, charitable interests, and foreign government agencies also regularly engage Mr. Tichy to represent them in the United States and abroad. Mr. Tichy acts as principal counsel to several of these clients and manages the full spectrum of their business-related legal needs by identifying, engaging, and managing the professional resources needed to protect their legal and financial interests domestically and internationally. He is licensed in Colorado, Nevada, and Utah and has a strong civil litigation and appellate background having successfully represented clients in several cases before the Utah Court of Appeals and the Utah Supreme Court.

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